Friday, July 21, 2017

Curb and Gutter to be Installed.

Work Performed, July 17th to July 21st    
·         Completed roadway excavation and gravel base installation
·         Removed and replaced poor materials under roadway.
·         Prepare base for concrete curb & gutter installation.

Work Anticipated to be Performed, July 24th to July 28th
·         Pour concrete curb & gutter
·         Rough grading behind curb & gutter
·         Fine grading of gavel base materials
·         Pave first layers of asphalt pavement

Roadway reconstruction has continued throughout the week.  The excavation of the existing roadway, repair of poor soils below the existing pavement, and installation of gravel base is now completed. The next step is the installation of the concrete curb & gutter.

The concrete curb & gutter is planned to be poured on Monday, July 24th. During the concrete pouring and curing period, access to driveways will be restricted. Please have all vehicles removed from your garages and driveways by 7:00 AM on Monday, July 24th. We anticipate access will be restored by Friday, July 28th, pending any unforeseen delays or inclement weather.

Thanks again for all your patience as you deal with not being able to use your driveway for the coming week.